Patio Season Approved with Yardbird

Patio Season Approved with Yardbird

When you live in Minnesota, and it’s hitting eighty degrees in May, you know it’s patio season! We live for the sunshine and a warm afternoon perched on our deck. The fur babies, me and John all love to watch the sunset in the evenings while enjoying the outdoors.

Last week I shared a bit about our time at Yardbird, but you guys I could not be happier with the way our patio looks! Last year we swore we would update the patio and it happened.

I am still in shock at how fast it all occurred, and I keep showing it off to my neighbors. Funny how we grow up and start caring about things like yards and furniture!

The whole idea behind Yardbird is what made me a complete fan and customer. I met with the team about two weeks ago to walk their showroom and get a feel for the quality as well as their seating options. I have shopped all over and online too, and I have to say this is a win.

Price and quality are two of the top reasons however also is their speedy turnaround. I knew I wanted a departure from the look we previously had which was a darker wicker set. They produce quite a few modern and traditional options, so everyone wins! When we moved into our house five years ago, I just grabbed something that would do the trick, and this is the perfect replacement!

I am also very much in love with their fire tables! I think living in Minnesota anything that comes with fire is a necessity! Also, the owners being wonderful Minnesotans that they are have taken a strong stance to protect the environment committing to making 100% recyclable furniture. When you are ready to separate your furniture, they will recycle and repurpose it! They are on a mission to keep our oceans, beaches as clean as possible and reduce their carbon footprint.

We chose the Colby Collection, a mix of modern and traditional; it was the perfect fit for our patio space. We also added a Colby Chat Set for additional seating. These smaller sets would work for areas like apartment living or even smaller patio options. Our patio is one large square measuring 12 x 12.5, so we needed something that would fit in that space while providing optimal seating for our summer entertaining! This set was a perfect match!

I keep playing around with the decor outside. The versatility of this furniture is perfect for our entertaining needs, and it quickly breaks apart to create various seating options. I have a feeling this will keep changing as summer progresses!

Also, just for you guys, I am offering a unique discount use code TAMARA for $100 discount off your purchase of $1500 or more at good for the rest of MAY!

This post made in cooperation with Yardbird! Thank you for partnering with C+M and for our beautiful furniture!

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