behind the screen with champagne + macaroons |

behind the screen with champagne + macaroons |

Tamara Waterston is an absolute golden girl known by followers for her spritely, well-appointed wardrobe, travel snapshots, and airy content that’s sure to make your day a little bit brighter. Adding in a touch of Southwestern charm, Tamara lives up to her digital nom de plume of two years, Champagne + Macaroons, while her site is just as light and bubbly as her style is sweet. Join us as we go Behind the Screen with Champagne + Macaroons!

rewardStyle: For those of us who are new to Champagne + Macaroons, tell us a bit about yourself! We would love to hear about your background, the story behind becoming a digital style influencer, how Champagne + Macaroons came to be…

Tamara Waterston: Champagne + Macaroons began as a passion project. After years spent working in the wedding industry and a fashion degree framed on the wall, my need to make everything around me beautiful was hard to silence. With a career change to the corporate world, my creativity was dying to come out and play! I sincerely wanted to create a space where I could share what was on my mind and hopefully inspire a few people to do the same. A few of my girlfriends told me to start styling on the side, and I laughed it off every time. Then in 2015, I launched C+M, and it was the best thing I have ever done. Humble beginnings and two years later here we are, and it has been a crazy fast and fun ride. I love listening to readers and asking what they want to read and see every day. I love the blog more than any other platform. I am working on it always, and I have about 20 drafts at any given time. If you stop by you will find me sharing in the moment photos that reflect my life, my style, family, and home. It is a real delight!

“My need to make everything around me beautiful was hard to silence.”


rS: You recently returned from a trip around Europe, and it looked nothing short of magnifique! In regard to your travels, how has experiencing new people and places influenced your site? What are a few must-have items you always pack in your suitcase? Aside from traveling, where else in life do you find inspiration?
TW: Travel has become a tremendous part of Champagne + Macaroon’s chemistry. New places and faces are always inspiring to me. It has been quite a year of traveling, and it doesn’t stop, so stay tuned for more this summer!

When preparing for a trip, I head straight to Pinterest. I throw myself into reading reviews and past blog posts. I do a lot of digging so I can get a handle on our destination. Once I’ve arrived, the last thing I want to do is search for places to visit or eat!  I also love asking readers for their advice. We have an upcoming trip to Seattle, and I have had so many amazing suggestions! With so many resources at our fingertips, it is so easy to prepare in advance.

When packing for any destination, triple check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Scandinavia was one of the most challenging trips to pack for due to crazy weather changes! Sun to snow to winds and ice, it was a doozy! But I love a good challenge! My must haves: always take a pair of sneakers for walking, particularly when in Europe! Being stylish and comfortable is key when traveling. Also, a good sweatshirt in my carry-on for the plane ride, one outfit change should my bag go missing, a swimsuit and my favorite pair of denim. Also, I never leave home without a backup charger or two! When extensively traveling this is an essential item because a dead phone isn’t anyone’s friend. Being prepared for an entire day away is crucial especially when capturing great content!

Other than travel, inspiration is everywhere for me. Minneapolis is bursting with high energy, from the lakes to the older neighborhoods, just walking or biking gives me a lot of inspiration. I also love Pinterest and Instagram; there are oodles of stunning imagery on social media, I can get lost in it all for hours! If you scrolled through my feed, you would see loads of florals, puppies, home, fashion, and tons of travel imagery.

rS: Your site and feed are beautifully assembled with light-hearted, dreamy imagery filled with flashes of delight. How do you connect your personal style with your photographic preferences? What steps do you take to achieve your overall look? How has your overall aesthetic transitioned over time?
TW: Your kind words about my site are greatly appreciated. I work very hard to keep a fun and light-hearted feel on all my channels because that is who I am as a person. I feel it’s imperative to share a natural flow of images from my everyday life. I try to keep everything relatable and most of all consistent. I have thousands of photos that I could share at any given time but carefully choosing them has been a learning process. Like anything with time, you evolve, so the blog and my feed have grown-up with me.

“Like anything with time, you evolve.”

rS: Summer is in full swing and we’re so excited to see what your site has in store for the season. Are there any new trends or products you just can’t wait to try your hand at? What ideas are you thinking about for Champagne + Macaroons in the near future?

TW: I live for summer! My Texas soul craves the sun, and the heat hot temperatures have made their way to Minnesota! I am in Heaven. We have a few trips this summer, and I am most excited to share our big trip to Europe this August. I have so many fun ideas in store, and I am doing loads of research to be as prepared as possible!  It is going to be wanderlust filled, and I cannot wait for it!

Nothing beats summer style. Light and airy with strappy shoes! Swim has had quite the debut on C+M, and I am totally in love with high waisted bikinis and the ongoing one-piece trend. I also wear a ton of dresses and jumpsuits. Personally, those are both a wardrobe staple in my book, so sharing looks that are easy and affordable is something you will continue to see on the blog. Style doesn’t have to be expensive, and I love taking everyday pieces and adding in a few trend pieces that can easily be switched out based on the season. I also don’t like to overdo accessories; I wear the same simple necklace and bracelet every day. My motto: “Wear what makes you feel your best all the time.”

“Wear what makes you feel your best all the time.”

rS: Over the last couple of years, your social channels have seen some amazing growth since the commencement of your site in 2015. What have you learned about yourself during this time period, and what are a few things you’re thankful for that have resulted from your role as a digital influencer?
JM: I feel blessed to be doing something that I love. I remember the day I told my husband I was going to try my hand at blogging.  We were sitting on the beach in Mexico, and he said go for it if anyone can do it you can. I haven’t looked back since. Having the support of friends and family is important. My husband is my biggest fan, and I could not make the blog work without that support. Trust me there are challenges, and I am always learning. There isn’t a book that someone hands you and that makes you into an overnight success. I have experienced major successes and even bigger failures. All of them have made me a better person.

There are days when I feel absolute zero inspiration and days where it is pouring out of me. Finding the right balance is the trickiest part of it all. Anytime someone asks me advice about starting a blog I say the same thing, “GO FOR IT.” Prepare yourself because it is a huge time commitment. Whoever you are on the screen should be who you are behind it. What you see is what you get! If we sat down for a coffee together, I would hope you would feel like we had already met!

Support and encourage others and never be too busy to connect and talk with your followers. I am beyond grateful for every single person who takes the time to write an encouraging word and stops by the blog to check it out. Most importantly, remember to be gentle with yourself and give your blog and give yourself time. Growing is challenging but doing it the right way is the way to go.

I really can’t wait to see where this next year takes C+M!  Thanks for following along!

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  1. Dad June 17, 2017 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    Great interview Tam.

  2. Mary-Katherine June 21, 2017 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    Those Behind The Screen features are always such a joy to receive in my inbox, I have found so many incredible bloggers to follow through those emails! I have followed you on Instagram for quite some time so I was excited when I saw your face on the email. Truly one of the best interviews they have featured; you are so well-spoken and inspiring!

    Can’t wait to see your upcoming travels as that’s always my favorite type of content to read 🙂 Where in Europe are you guys heading?!

    • Tamara June 22, 2017 at 1:05 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much Mary-Katherine for the kind words and for taking the time to stop by and read! has been such a wonderful source of support and I just love the platform. I am so excited to see where this year takes C+M and we have so much exciting travel it is always a joy to share and I love hearing that you love it too! Stay tuned for our big Europe trip – Venice to Greece!!!

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