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I am not a big fan of Mexico – you can pretty much ask anyone that knows me if this is true or not and they will tell you that it is! I usually get the stomach bug that everyone tries so hard to resist while visiting but this was the first time I came back a healthy woman!!! I loved Cabo the minute we set foot in the airport. It was much cleaner than Cancun and even the vendors and timeshare people were less frustrating to get through than normal. Once on our way to the resorts the scenery was much more appealing and felt a bit more tranquil with the ocean views and pretty cliffs. Our stay took us to the Pacific side of Cabo where there is no swimming in the ocean but it was glorious!  The waves were huge and crashed down on the beach you could even hear them from the pool.  The best part was there weren’t any vendors bothering us on the beach because the area is totally private and cannot be accessed unless you are staying at the resort. The resort over all was beautiful an all-inclusive option and adults only. We watched multiple sunsets and even had a little show on the beach watching the humpbacks jump one night. It was such a touching moment and we were just thrilled to have witnessed them in their natural environment. Most of our nights wrapped up with a dip in the hot tub and a glass of wine. There is a really soft wind that blows during the day and increases at night, and the restaurants give you Mexican blankets to wrap in during dinner. We pretty much just stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, and really loved all of the amenities, there were a total of 3 other sister properties that we could use at any time during our stay and we did happen to visit all of them just to check them out and we were most pleased with staying at the Pacifica. The others are the Pueblo Bonito Sunset, Pueblo Bonito Rose (had dinner at Fellini’s and I highly recommend it), and the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica All of them are beautiful but ours was the only adult only and definitely the most peaceful if looking to get away for a true relaxing vacation. We spent a few days at the Sunset’s rooftop pool and the views there were just stunning.
Honestly I kept telling my husband that I just couldn’t believe I had missed out on this little jewel of a city for so long.  I felt so inspired while I was there and I took a million photos of the architecture, the plants, the waves, the beaches. I couldn’t stop it was just so gorgeous and made my heart sing. Everywhere you turn there is something to see and I knew that if I didn’t take advantage then I would forget when we left. After a few days of being in Mexico I was longing to go into town and check out the market shops. I kept eyeing this little clothing shop that I knew had something for me waiting inside! Finally after a little begging we spent half of a day on the main beach in Cabo and booked a glass bottom boat to take us over to Lovers Island! Wow was that a treat and I highly recommend it! We made reservations with our hotel concierge and it was seamless.  There is a part of the Pacific that meets the Sea of Cortez, and the views there are simply stunning (pics below). Again I was a little photo crazy because I just couldn’t believe the beauty. Keep in mind all of these photos were taken on my cell phone and most of them aren’t even edited- all I kept saying was where is our big camera! The sun was shining warm and the colors of the ocean were breathtaking.  The entire experience was well worth the $20 for the two of us to go there and back to the main beach. Once we were on the beach we just relaxed and swam in the ocean. It was paradise. 
After the trip we headed back to shore and did a little treasure hunting. I needed a few gifts to bring back and a few items to add to our home. If you ask my husband he will tell you – I am NO GOOD at bartering!!!!! Thank goodness he loves this little game and is quite great at it. He was able to negotiate amazing deals on some of our purchases, and I had to leave the stores because my heart rate was shooting up! My favorite store was one off the beaten path. I feel these are the best because they aren’t as touristy. The owner had so many goodies from handmade cloths, table runners, blankets, clothing, etc., and the best part is she was telling us the stories behind them. She really gave us a good time and helped us find the items that were perfect for us. We found quite a few treasures in that store. 
In my opinion the best find were these hand drawn paintings a little cart vendor was selling…they had me at hello! They were just so beautiful and were each on a dark looking parchment paper that gave it a rustic and unique feel. I just had to be the owner of these paintings. When we arrived back home the very next day we were in route to get the framing supplies! We ended up framing the prints ourselves to save money and found a two for one special at Michael’s making the framing 1/3 of what it would have been to have them professionally done! The frames were sold separate from all of the other supplies like the mat, glass, hanging kit, etc. so once we had everything we were good to go!Thanks to my husband he made them look perfect! They are already up and hanging in our entry and I love looking at them because it brings me right back to that little vendor and my favorite place to be, the ocean.
Enjoy these photos it was really gorgeous and I hope you are able to go visit Cabo as well! Feel free to share your experience or recommendations on hotels in Cabo or Mexico in the comment section.  XO Tamara Brooke
The Ocean view at the Puebla Bonita Pacifica
Breathtaking architecture at the Pacifica
Entrance to the Pacifica
View from the Sunset
View from the rooftop pool at Sunset
Another view from the rooftop pool at Sunset
Sunset at the Pacifica over the tranquil pool
Marine life on the beach at the Pacifica
 Landscaping at the Pacifica
First view of the Pacific at Lover’s Beach
Lover’s Beach
The window into the Pacific
Swim up bar at the Pacifica
 Table runner from a shop in Cabo, Mexico


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