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It's 7:30 pm, and as I currently type this, everyone is in bed. The whole house is quiet, the dishwasher is humming, lights are turned off, dogs fed, toys put away, but if you told me it was midnight, I would believe you. If you walked into our house right now, you would feel peace and calm if you walked in eight hours prior, not so much. Our days start early, and my body, my back, and my head have never felt more tired. That mom life is no joke. No book or schooling can quite prepare you for the journey that is motherhood. You feel it all. This tiny person who grew so snugly in your womb is now such a big piece of your heart you can't imagine life without them. But there are the growing pains, the messes, the learning, the teething, the constant mama's. It is one giant beautiful mess.

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