Women’s Gift Giving Guide

Okay, ladies, it's my favorite gift guide for the year! Sometimes we spend so much time thinking about everyone on our list we forget to make one for ourselves! I would much rather give than receive but let me tell you; I married a fabulous gift giver, and I include all of my favorites below!

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Cooks + Kitchen Enthusiasts Gift Giving Guide

Who loves to cook? Well, this girl does not! I will not try to trick you into thinking that I am Martha Stewart because baking and decorating are favorites! This guide comes with much research, recommendations, and top-rated customer reviews! I would not lead you astray and honestly, after reading the top ten items every chef needs in his kitchen they are all on this list.

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Gifts for the Entertainer

The holiday season means it's party season and some know how to do it better than others! Below I've rounded up gifts for the entertainers on your holiday list. Items that every host or hostess needs and some that just add a little something special to the room! You can't go wrong giving a beautiful cheese board or champagne flute; you really can't have too many!

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The Travel Lovers Gift Guide

Do you love to travel? Or know someone who's wanderlust filled? Not going to lie, once that travel bug bites, it can be hard not to scratch it! This year I packed more times than I can count and traveled around the world. There were quite a few items that I've found to be necessities along the way.

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Animal Lovers Gift Giving Guide

We are all about the animals in this house! If John allowed it, we would have five poodles running around. Maybe one day! Happy to bring you this fun and entertaining gift-giving guide for all the pet lovers on your Christmas list! A lot of fun and unique ideas for that crazy cat or dog loving person in your life. Be honest, we all know one or two! Enjoy!

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