Time Flies…Leo is TWO! | Backyard Birthday Bash

Oh my, how the time has flown. Two was such a big jump for my mamma heart. I do not know if it is the hormones, the pandemic, or that my first baby boy is becoming a little person, but two felt big. I am sure, so many of you know what I mean. Leo’s birthday last year was super special, and thankfully we were able to celebrate with all of our friends and family pre-COVID19. Of course, I wish we could have done the same this year, but this backyard gathering was intimate, unique, and filled with our family. I have plenty of people to thank, so keep on scrolling!

I remember telling John I was going to keep it simple this year. Are you laughing? Good because who believed that? My inner party planner waits for these occasions. And let’s be honest, any reason to party is currently necessary!

Where do I begin?

Let me start with Alpha Lit! Oh my goodness, these letters are what made the party! I was initially looking at these cute backdrop signs on Amazon, but then this idea came along, and let’s say it put the party on another level! Stephanie is fantastic, professional, and I couldn’t get over the whole set up!

Time flies felt like the perfect theme, and everyone thought they were pretty amazing. Talk about the perfect backdrop! Please check them out! They are lovely, and these letters are appropriate for any and every occasion. You will see these again here!

Then there’s the cake! Where does one start with that cake!  Minnesotans love Wuollet Bakery because they have been a household name for over seventy-five years! It is one of my parent’s favorite places to visit when they are in town too! I have to say they blew me out of the sky with this cake.

I told them what I was thinking and sent over a few inspirational images along with the invitation, and that cake was better than I ever imagined! I cried when we took it out of the box! And if you were wondering, it was vanilla, and vanilla served with a scoop of ice cream. I ordered the TWO candle online and the airplane decor as well!

Can we also discuss these photos! I cannot stress this enough, but mom’s find a professional photographer to document your party.  I already ordered a book full of these images to keep forever. I love that we were able to trust Morgan to take all the details and capture beautiful moments.

I have cried tears of happiness over these again and again! Plus, she is a friend of mine, talented, and beyond calm + fun to be around! She is the total package. I don’t have to say much else; check out these photos below! See what I mean.

If you remember last year’s party (click here), I had a lot of fun with the theme. So this year, I wanted to do something special too! Leo loves airplanes; it felt like a no brainer! We live close to a flight path and watch planes land all day long. It has been one of his favorite things to do since he was a wee child. I found the most darling invitations online, and since that is the actual calling card of any event, it set the tone for everything! You can download them and print them yourself, or the shop will print them for you!

I also found these adorable passport books, aviator sunglasses, and vintage planes to use as gifts online!

And we all know by now how crazy I am about the balloon garlands – yes, I have a highlight saved on my Instagram feed that shows how and what I use and let me tell you what I am obsessed with all things balloon garlands. Buy the balloon machine. I recommend and blow the balloons up in advance so you can have the garlands finished before the party!

I made four garlands in total. I take the strip that comes with the balloon kits like in this colorful kit and added three more colors + sizes to make it a little more unique. I cut the garland once it achieves the length I need and build the garland using three smaller ones. Do not be afraid of these; they are super easy, and practice makes perfect. You can always start over remember that!

My most significant piece of advice after doing these, again and again, is to not worry about them. Blow up the balloons I think the more prominent, and make sure you buy a few extra big ones like these here.

The garland starts forming and taking shape without much effort. Having plenty of colors and sizes is critical! Remember last year I went to four stores trying to find peach balloons with zero luck?

My second piece of advice is the dollar store. They have packs of balloons for a dollar, and they blow up balloons for one dollar!!!! I remember thinking that was so amazing, and I am pretty sure I shared this same information last year too! But what a cost-effective way to add a significant impact to your party!

I love the color theme, and I love how the garland turned out with the marquee lights!

The boy’s shirts and onesie were an Etsy find! I messaged the shop owner, and she told me she would match the plane on the shirts to the airplane on the invitations! She was super delightful and made it so easy. I bought the 9 – 12-month onesie for Rolfie and a 3T shirt for Leo, and they were perfect! She also offers long sleeve versions of both!

I had a small table set up inside with the favors, cake, and snacks like sunflower seeds and cracker jacks. Trying to be respectful of COVID, we kept everything in individual bags as much as possible! I think the theme was a perfect choice, and I will say the sunglasses were a hit with everyone!

It turned out adorable, and I would highly recommend this theme for one, two, and beyond!

A very big thank you again to everyone who made this day so special. I could not have done this all without everyone’s help, especially our families! A shout out to my parents for flying to be here with us to celebrate and helping make the weekend feel so special! To Alpha Lit, Wuollet Bakery, and Morgan Manney Photography, thank you so much for making Leo’s party unforgettable!

And to Leo, I am so proud of you and who you are becoming. Happy second birthday, my handsome boy!

Love  – Tamara


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