An honest review of our Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Let me start out by saying I initially hated our Snoo. I did a ton of research when I was pregnant, spent trips, plane rides, and late nights not sleeping but reading. I felt quite prepared and sold on making the Snoo part of our home and baby boy's permanent bed. I want to be very transparent and tell you that I purchased our bassinet on my own. This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed in any way. These are all my thoughts and feelings as a new mom. I hope it helps make your decision to buy or not buy the Snoo a little easier.

September 20th, 2018|Lifestyle|

At home with Z Gallerie

If you have been following along with Champagne + Macaroons, then you are no stranger to my love for Z Gallerie. When we purchased our home almost six years ago, they were my go-to for inspiration. Not only did I grow up shopping the stores while living in Texas, but I also purchased our dining room table sight unseen and have loved it since arrival on day one. You can imagine the excitement I felt when the store invited me in to experience all of their new fall additions in person!

September 17th, 2018|Lifestyle|

Fired up for Fall with Yardbird Outdoor + A Fabulous Giveaway

You already know how in love I am with our new patio set up this season! After four full months of loving and living with our Yardbird Outdoor patio furniture, the love has only grown! Now that we are starting to watch the leaves slowly fall and cooler temperatures have begun to grace the weather forecast, a fire table makes our space feel complete!

September 7th, 2018|Lifestyle|

Making the Most of Tiny Spaces at Home

Do you have a favorite spot in your house? Maybe it is a go-to chair, couch, or room that feels like home? I find that our kitchen is the heart of our household. The place our friends cram while having snacks and wine, the place we have our best conversations, and more importantly where we relax.

August 28th, 2018|Lifestyle|

What I wish I knew before bringing baby home | Two weeks with a Newborn

We've all heard the stories, nightmares about labor and deliveries, emergency c-sections, pregnancy cravings. But how about what happens after you have the baby? The minute your nurse say's you're free to go anytime is the minute the panic sets in, and you don't want to leave. When we took a walk to climb into our car and drive away with our baby forever, my emotions were sky-high.

August 16th, 2018|Lifestyle|

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